03 February 2013

The Reds

We might not have 19 league titles, but

We have won the 18 League titles and 5 european cups and We are the only team In the top Football leagues after Real madrid to succesfully defend the European cup

We might not have a knighted Manager,but

We had a Manager who won us 3 european cups in 4 years and We have a KING who wons 9 titles in his 6 year tenure

We might not have won a treble like you did in 1999, We have Won Two trebles including a Bizzare and unpredictable treble in 2001

We might not have the oldest welshman, We have THE greatest Welsh Striker (530)

We might not have a passer like Scholes, Cantona , We have a person who has more goals and assists than both "Steven Gerrard"

We might not have had a player who never got red carded, but We had Billy Liddle who never got booked

We might not have a 70,000 seater stadium but The Kop (less thAN 20K CAP) is Itself the Loudest Stand in football history

We might not have a bright future like you, We have a Glorious History that as said by H.H the Aga Khan IV
"the only reason i support Liverpool as a soccer club is that the defination of soccer is perfectly written in their magnificent history"

We might not have sacrificed the legends of Matt Busby but We still sing songs in every match in the Honour of the victims of Hillsborough and Heysel without forcing anyone else to pay the same respect
and we might not have 38 trophies but We do have 41 MAJOR TROPHIES more than any other ENGLISH team

We are Liverpool Football Club and Our History makes us what we are , it makes us great,and your Hate makes us Stronger

You'll Never Walk Alone~

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